Life is hard

(and all is well)

Trauma, neglect, abuse, invalidating environments, societal and parental conditioning--no one escapes early life without some warping. At the same time, our true nature--our creativity and inner resources--are always accessible. How do we cross that seemingly huge divide between suffering and wellness?


The best psychotherapy is a working partnership that honors our innate healing abilities. Within the context of a caring and respectful relationship, therapy can create opportunities to resolve past pain, balance emotions, and experience the spontaneous joy and energetic flow we were born with. 


Using a present-moment mindful awareness of the body, together client and therapist can soothe and regulate an overactive nervous system, address distortions of self and identity, and build resources and resilience to face life's challenges. In these challenges we can begin to recognize opportunities for growth, and for making choices from a higher awareness. We can move beyond cognitive insights toward practices  that transform.


There are many ways to heal, and psychotherapy isn't for everyone. If you think it may be for you, consider booking a 15-minute consultation (no charge) or reading more at the FAQ.