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Hatha yoga & somatic movement classes for emotional regulation and spiritual connection.

Donation based, online, pay-what-you-can pricing ($1-$15). All proceeds go to a different humanitarian organization every month.

JULY 2024 BENEFICIARY:   Chilis on Wheels, a uniquely magical org that dispenses vegan food to anyone in need of a warm meal. They also run food education workshops and clothing drives, provide mentorship, and more. Based in NYC, Chilis on Wheels have branches in several U.S. locations.

The study of yoga is a means to connect with our highest, truest, most compassionate selves, and prepares us to make better decisions, relate to others more authentically, and be strong enough to serve the causes that mean the most to us. Self-care includes being committed to social change and societal healing.

Being in community heals. Everyone is welcome.

("Eka jyothi" translates roughly from Sanskrit to English as "the one light" or "the only light")

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